23 December
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"ya", 70's music, abs, all sports, all that jazz, being goofy, being impatient, big books, boarding, buying birthday presents, cereal at 1, cheering (go kings!), chewing on a stick, chillin with the hermano, chocolate soymilk, david allen bouche (spelling?), debating with the hermano, eating, eating cheese, fate, friends, getting mail, getting stressed over nothing, goofiness, helping, hippos, hugs, inflatable boyfriends, knitting, laughing, little children(dun dun dun...), making funny noises, music, nodding and smiling, not cleaning my room, owning goofy, plans, playing with blinds, posibility, procrastinating, reading other people's journals, red felt pens, saturday mornings, saturday nights, scooby dooby doo!, skimming, skinny dipping, sleeping, smiles, soccer, starting out the window, summer day camp, swimming in dense fluids, updating this wonderful page, watching chloe eat bees, writing in cursive, writing letters